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Custom Printed Bookmarks

Be on the same page with your customers and surprise them with some creative bookmarks. Check out all of our options here!

Das Material verleiht deinem Flyer seine einzigartige Erscheinung.


Mit dem reinweißen weißen Recyclingpapier aus 100 % Recyclingmaterial sind Sie immer auf der Höhe der Zeit.

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Kraft Braun

Unser Kraft Braun Papier hat eine natürliche Erscheinung und wird aus recycelten Papierfasern hergestellt.

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Metallic Gold

Das reinste Edel! Unser Metallic Gold Papier ist zu 100% chlorfrei.

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Metallic Silber

Unser Metallic Silber Papier verleiht deinen Flyern eine besonders auffällige Erscheinung. Das Material glitzert leicht, ist chlorfrei und trotzdem weich.

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Metallic Weiß

Dieses Material ist weiß, genau wie unser Standard Material. Dennoch weckt der leicht glitzernde metallische Look die innere Interesse.

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Fühlst du dich launisch? Bestelle das Perl-weiße Material Perlmutt Marmor. Es hat eine sehr dünne Endverarbeitung, die das Licht schön einfängt.

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Biologisch Abbaubar

Willst du der Umwelt was zu gute tun? Dann wähle unsere biologisch abbaubare Variante. Diese sind umweltfreundlich, da sie mit 100% grüner Energie hergestellt werden und somit nachhaltig sind.

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Why bookmarks are the most creative promotional material?

Bookmarks are a very original and unexpected marketing item that is both functional for your customers and has enough space for you to talk about your business. No matter what business you are in, everybody reads books and there’s nothing like a real paper book, so all of your customers would appreciate a thoughtful bookmark.

You can easily make a statement with a clever and witty design that would make your brand memorable. The standard bookmark size is 55mm in width and 173mm in height, which gives you plenty of space to let your imagination flow.

How to use bookmarks as part of your marketing campaign?

Bookmarks are the perfect addition to any promotional marketing campaign. Here are some ideas on how to implement them in your own:

1. Give them out as gifts in your shop

Place some personalised bookmarks next to the cashier desks, along with some flyers and booklets. Everybody loves freebies, so you’ll see these promo materials flying out with customers in no time.

2. Distribute them to passersby in high traffic areas

If you want to reach a wider target audience, maybe go around all traffic areas, close to your business, if you are a brick-and-mortar business and surprise passersby with some nice custom-designed bookmarks. Make sure you have an eye-catching design to really attract attention.

3. Insert them into Direct Mailings

Bookmarks are a small, convenient and lightweight promo materials for any direct mailing you have planned.

4. Part of an Online Campaign

If you put a QR code or a link to a promotional landing page, you can have the ideal connection between the offline and online marketing campaigns.

5. Use them as corporate gifts, inserted into great books

If you are looking for an original corporate gift for your business partners, corporate clients and customers, give thanks with a book. And make sure to place a personalised bookmark inside to stand out from the crowd.

How to design bookmarks?

Designing bookmarks is super easy. You can use an external software like Photoshop or Adobe Indesign. Just make sure to leave a 3mm bleed and a 4mm safety margin.

Keep in mind that an eye-catching design really takes your bookmarks to the next level. To stand out even more, choose one of our special paper types in metallic gold, silver or white for a unique look. If you want a sustainable paper option, you can get the 100 % recycled or Kraft Brown paper. You can also step up your game with super durable synthetic material bookmarks, made from polyester fibres. For that subtle elegance, get some bookmarks with exclusive finishes in Metallic colours or Spot UV.
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