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Banner maker with free templates

Banner maker with free templates

With thousands of banner design ideas, you are sure to find something to fit your needs. Create your banner now with our banner designer!

Start designing now!
How to design and print your banner online

How to design and print your banner online

  • Select your free banner template (1000+ available!)

  • Make your design personal with images, fonts, icons and graphics

  • Finish and approve your design

  • Wait for your banners to be delivered to your doorstep

Get creative!


What are the maxium sizes for banners on Canva?

The maximum size of portrait banners is 914mm x 1829mm
The maximum size of landscape banners is 1829mm x 914mm
You can check out the range of free online templates right here.

What colour values do I need to be aware of when creating my banner online?

When creating your design, keep in mind that there are two types of black: standard black and rich black. Standard black uses only black ink (100% K), whereas rich black contains elements of other colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow). For example:
Cyan: 60% Magenta: 40% Yellow: 40% Black: 100%
Because rich black uses more ink, the resulting colour will be deeper and more saturated.

Can I download my banner design without printing?

Unfortunately, we do not provide such a service at the moment and you can only download your design once you have ordered your print. Our teams are working hard to be able to provide this feature in the future.
We want to see your design come alive, with Helloprint we can guarantee you that you will always be offered the best price when printing. So don't hesitate!

What are the next steps after finishing your design?

Once you have finished creating your design in the free online design tool, the next step is to click through the design proofing instructions, e.g "check the danger zone" to make sure your banner prints correctly.
There are examples to follow of how your artwork needs to meet the printing guidelines, our chat and phone lines are also open if you need further guidance. Failure to complete this correctly can result in your unwanted mistakes and Helloprint can take no responsibility for these issues.

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