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It's in our DNA

Our culture

Wir sind, wer wir sind, aufgrund unseres Teams und unserer Unternehmenskultur. Alles, was wir tun, entspringt unserer Leidenschaft, unserem Ehrgeiz und unserem Tatendrang. Unser Team besteht derzeit aus 150 Profis mit einem Durchschnittsalter von 28 Jahren. Wir kommen aus 20 verschiedenen Ländern und arbeiten Tag für Tag daran, die Besten zu sein in dem, was wir tun: Das Bestellen von Drucksachen einfach machen – für jedermann und überall!

Our Team & Culture

At Helloprint, we are with 150 real people with our own backgrounds and characters. Real people with love for their profession, passion for their challenges and with professionalism in what we do. People who do things together, to grow, to develop beautiful things. People who became friends along the way. Who want to develop themselves, see opportunities and tackle problems. We do that together with our colleagues, our customers and our partners. Personally, with attention and by always being available. The way a partnership should be.

## Our __Team & Culture__

„Unser Geschäft lebt von unserer DNA, die wir in 9 einzigartigen Grundwerten zusammengefasst haben. Diese Werte können Sie sehen und fühlen, wenn Sie unsere Büros betreten.“

Core Values at the heart

  •  Einer der Grundwerte bei Helloprint: Show Flammable Passion
    Show Flammable Passion
  • Einer unserer zentralen Werte bei Helloprint. Bauen Sie Freundschaften mit Ihren Kollegen auf.
    Make Friends
  •  Ein Blitz zeigt, wie wir bei Helloprint energisch, kraftvoll und schnell agieren.
    Act Energetic, Powerful & Fast
  • Team Helloprint in der eigenen Sky Bar des Unternehmens im Hauptbüro, um zukünftige Ideen und Strategien zu diskutieren.
    Be Hungry
  • Ein Teammitglied von Helloprint, welches sicherstellt, dass das Problem gelöst ist.
    Solve It
  • Einer der Grundwerte bei Helloprint: Begin It To Win It
    Begin It To Win It
  • Hochmotivierter Helloprint Kollege der immer seine Versprechen einhält die er der Firma verspricht
    Do What You Promise
  • Helloprint Mitarbeiter, die Spaß haben und ihre Arbeit mögen. Erfahren Sie mehr über unser Unternehmen und unsere günstigen Printproduktlösungen.
    Enjoy The Ride
  • Einer der Kernwerte von Helloprint. Gestalten Sie Ihren Karriereweg und bringen Sie sich mit neuen Fähigkeiten und Erkenntnissen auf die nächste Stufe.
    Design Yourself

Show Flammable Passion

Entrepreneurs, you probably know at least one personally. That person that always carriers a flame inside.That’s what we have in common. That passion. That unbelievable drive to grow our business and yourself to stunning heights. That passion that everyone around can feel and see with everything you do. That’s what we do together with our colleagues, our partners and our customers and that’s how this flame gets bigger and better everyday.

Act Energetic, Powerful & Fast

At Helloprint, things are needed fast. An idea, a new product or a new system: We develop these things with lightning speed. We love new things. That’s why we love developing the best solutions for our customers and partners. In our office, you’ll find two posters with two quotes: “Move fast and break things “ and “The longer it takes to develop, the less likely it is to launch “. Truer words have never been spoken.

Make Friends

Open culture. No bosses. Just do it. We treat our customers, collegeaus and partners as friends. We belief that the world is so much better when people are open, positive and intersted in who you are. With people from 23 nationalities with different cultures and backgrounds, there are a lot of interesting stories. We love to hear these stories and we’re dying to hear them. At Helloprint, we’re equal, at every level. We communicate, we discuss and we show appreciation. And we’re honest. Not only internally, but also to our customers and partners. Just like you act with your friends.

Be Hungry

We’re hungy. Hungry for a new businessmodel, a radicale change, an innovative product or a new country. We simply want to eat it. But we’re also hungry for information. Call it curiousity, just like a a little child. We love it when people are keep asking “why”. “Why is the sun yellow pappa?”. We ask it more often than any little child in the world. That’s why we’re hungry. And we’re determined to still that hunger as soon as possible. Not only when JJ & Mona are cooking great food ( be on time or it is gone! ), but also in our business and private live. Be Hungry and eat.

Solve it

We belief that the best way to solve a problem is to solve a problem. Therefore, we don’t rely on others when it comes down to solving or fixing things. Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it?” Therefore, everyone is a first-line problem solver. We take initiative and ownership on every small and big thing. That varies from a customer problem which needs a solution, to cleaning or removing stuff in the office. Ownership, that’s what we have in common. So solve it. Instantly and permanently.

Begin it to win it

We’re just like a sports-team but not that team of friends who only go for the “third-half”. We play in the Champions League and we want to win. We love that smell of gold medals, of smelling sweat that pays off. And we hate to lose. In business, but also at the Funky Friday’s Beerpong Competition or the annual soccer tournament. We want winners around us that share that mentality. That’s why we only start things to win them, not simply because we want to play. Every initiative, every new idea and every business direction is guided by that principle. If we can win it, we start it, otherwise we let it pass. Begin it, to win it

Do what you promise

We make mistakes, but we keep promises. We’re just like people, and just like everyone else, every now and then we make mistakes. Accept it and continue. Because if we promise something, we keep that promise. Always. That’s a promise to our colleagues, our partners and our customers and that’s a promise that we keep.

Enjoy the ride

We’re in a rollercoaster ride that is about to begin. We love rollercoaster rides. We love the thrill, the uncertainty and the lightning speed of it. And we love it when we’re at the peak. Enjoy these peaks fully and celebrate every milestone. “Hard work must pay off and that’s why we take the principle of “work hard, play hard “ very, very seriously. Enjoy the ride with us.

Design yourself

The world around us is changing more rapidly than you might expect. That certainly counts for our company. We believe that the one thing differentiates good companies from great companies is having the best people. And people only stay great when they keep developing themselves. That’s why we encourage development in every way. At Helloprint, we have a sharing value that we want to become better every day. “We know that we need to change to stay the same and that we need to invest even more to become better. We call that Design Yourself.