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Custom boxes

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Design your very own
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How Custom Boxes help with branding.

We have custom box solutions that are cheap but also have a high amount of quality control. Which is why Helloprint will always deliver cheap high-quality custom box printing solutions for you.

The boxes you use of your products plays a major role in how your brand is communicated. In addition to protecting your goods, it is often the also first impression your customers get about your products. Regardless of what your industry is or what your box customisation needs are, you can be sure that Helloprint has the solution you are looking for.

The gift boxes and custom food boxes solutions we offer are made with material of the highest quality and our customisation options mean that you can make your very own unique custom boxes. Even if you are not an experienced or professional designer, we have our very own quality control agents who can double check your custom box designs and ensure that you will get exactly what you want. With us, you can customise boxes and packages according to your need by changing the designs, styles, colour, patterns, printings, shapes, sizes and material. We pride ourselves on being very flexible in our production so that ordering printed custom boxes online is quick and easy for you. We make sure that we provide you the best printed card boxes that can be customised exactly to your liking. The only thing you need to provide is your custom designs.

Why should you use custom printed custom boxes?

Attractive custom boxes for your products, personalised to your target group, creates a link between your products and brand alongside your potential customers. It can catch people’s attention and subconsciously stimulate demand. It also provides information about the product and encourages consumers to want to buy it. Custom boxes for your products is therefore particularly applicable in the following cases:

• You need to build up your brand recognition and the customer confidence in your brand
• You need to communicate the benefits of your product and its advertising messages effectively
• You need to differentiate your brand and product from your direct competitors
• Your product is not necessarily self-explanatory and accompanying explanatory text is needed
• Your product design is not particularly impressive or attractive enough to stand out from the crowd
• The bricks-and-mortar retailers you partner with require your products to be packaged
• Your storage and shipping methods need to be more efficient
• Your products need to be protected from damp, dirt, or other environmental influences

If you value having a uniform and recognisable brand identity, then its highly important that you include your corporate house style and logo onto your custom printed custom boxes. Your unique company logo and colours will make it easy for your customers to quickly identify your brand. Consumers are often confronted with shop shelves crammed full of different products that all have their own eye-catching custom boxes. Making it hard for customers to choose between them. Often times the printed box package of a product that makes the strongest first impression and stands out the most can be the deciding factor in the buying process of a customer. Lastly, custom boxes are also important to keep in mind as customers often perceive the value of a product to be higher if the products customised box packaging is designed in a creative manor and printed using high-quality material.
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